Orange Aged Balsamic Cream – Messino 250ml


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This exquisite aged Balsamic Cream has been created exclusively from combining the Greek Messinian grapes and grape must, ageing it for 8 months in wooden barrels to create our incomparable MESSINO balsamic vinegar.  Then slowly simmering the aged balsamic vinegar to create a thick, smooth and rich robust Balsamic Cream and infusing it with natural orange flavor.

This gourmet Orange Balsamic Cream has a perfect balance of acidity and natural sweetness and just a small amount of this Balsamic Cream is enough to release its unique flavour to elevate your gourmet creations or even your every day foods.

Drizzle some MESSINO Orange Balsamic Cream on a salad, with pork or chicken dishes, grilled vegetables, fish, ice cream, or fruit salad.  Your options are unless!

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